NZIOB Council is made up of 9 NZIOB Members. There is a National President followed by a President-Elect as well as two representatives from each Chapter.

The NZIOB Council consists of a President, President Elect (or Immediate Past President), and two members from each of the Chapter Boards.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall management of the NZIOB. The National President and CEO meet with Chapter president’s bi –monthly, alternatively in each of the three regions. The Annual AGM is held each year at a different Chapter City to enable members from different regions to attend. Chapter AGM’s are held annually. The Chapter Presidents serve for a period of two years.


Greame Birkhead image

Greame Birkhead

National President


Director, Graeme Birkhead Consulting 

Matt McGuinness image

Matt McGuinness

Northern Chapter President


Auckland Manager, LT McGuinness

Nick Clayton image

Nick Clayton

Central Chapter President


Wellington Regional Manager, Naylor Love

Graeme Earl image

Graeme Earl

Southern Chapter President


Canterbury Regional Manager, Naylor Love

Bruce Rogers image

Bruce Rogers

Northern Chapter Representative


Auckland Installations Manager, Euroglass

James Gardner-Hopkins image

James Gardner-Hopkins

Central Chapter Representative



Hayley Groves image

Hayley Groves

Southern Chapter Representative


Director, Tripro

National Partner

National Sponsors